Ebbe’s Worries

Ebbe the augur sat by her fire. Sibyl, mystic, witch woman. She’d been called them all, but the title she’d always joyed in was grandmother. She stared at the flames, seeking truth. Her rheumy eyes blurred the light and allowed her see half-patterns and images where sharper eyes would see none. It  was always out … Continue reading Ebbe’s Worries

Aodh and the Prophecy

‘Aodh Ciardha, what do you see?’ ‘I dream. Is it prophecy?’ ‘Aye. What do you see?’ ‘The time comes for the Three Who Stand. Cernunnos, another will join Orlaith and me. We shall triumph against the World’s Sorrows. Wyrd has laid the future bare. It draws nigh.’ ‘My Ovate, there are many futures, all governed … Continue reading Aodh and the Prophecy

A Bailiff’s Life

Reiss trotted his horse towards yet another rotten village. How long have I been doing this for? His men plodded behind, not speaking. Talk has long dried up on this damn road.  As they neared Raylside, the king’s bailiff wondered how much more he could take. At least I’m not on the front line. Though … Continue reading A Bailiff’s Life

Little Lords

Hyden Rosik was tired of learning. His closed his books and looked up at his tutor with what he hoped was his most pleading expression. Ressi put her hands on her hips and was about to scold the boy when the blare of trumpets signalled the arrival of Saul Yahne, the Lord of Tabacon. ‘Young … Continue reading Little Lords

The Tomb Of M’Hylak

Bartas and the others heaved the granite lid of the sarcophagus closed above the body of the king, darkness inching across his sightless eyes. They stepped aside for Emen Ferralo without speaking, their movements causing torches to flicker and cast their shadows to chaos. The thaumaturge ran his hand over the cold stone, his expression … Continue reading The Tomb Of M’Hylak


Orlaith Ciardha stood firm, though the ground beneath her shifted and squirmed as if alive. The words of Cernunnos still rang in her ears and emboldened her when all else had fallen away. You cannot fail, whatever the outcome, for it is Wyrd’s path for you. The song of the spirits no longer accompanied her. … Continue reading Undenied

The Bad Seed

Immin Grada turned away from the others to snatch a rest. His toil was alive in the cramp of his muscles, and he closed his eyes, stretching his back.  ‘Looks like he’s worn out, lads. She won’t want such a weakling, eh?’ Immin almost turned, but could think of no retort. That much Bello speaks … Continue reading The Bad Seed

Drink For The Dead

Lukasz tapped his cup on the bar. ‘Again.’ Petra shuffled over with a bottle. He tried to ignore her disapproval and instead drummed his fingers. Tossing some coins on the bar, he reached for his drink. ‘You will get yourself in trouble, old friend.’ The barkeep sounded genuine, but Lukasz had trouble telling truth from … Continue reading Drink For The Dead

Profile: The Vampyr

The westernmost estates of Tabacon have always been dogged by rumours of evil, of malign entities just out of sight. The tales retold by those who have never visited are often of wickedness and pestilence beyond comprehension, of monsters linked to the sordid practices of the wild clans at civilisation’s limits. Yes, monsters they are … Continue reading Profile: The Vampyr

In The Dark Places

‘Abdai, in the dark places many things dwell that fear the light, yearning for the chaos of the night. They include the hatred that fills men, the doubts that order would set aside. They include the beasts and monsters we create within, and try to bury.’ ‘Yet the dark also houses many chances, many opportunities, that … Continue reading In The Dark Places

Man Of Nature

‘You have been expected, Aodh Ciardha. Take your place at our table.’ ‘I know you. You are Cernunnos… yet you are also not. Do I dream?’ ‘What is dreaming? What is reality? You are in the Otherworld now, Ovate. Such terms are meaningless here.’ ‘Are you a god?’ ‘All are gods here, Ovate. Everything is … Continue reading Man Of Nature