Eald Cearo: Demon Forged

Demon Forged 18Demon Forged: The Three Novellas

For I am Despair, I am Fear, and I am Anger.

‘The time of demonkind is upon us. The World’s Sorrows rise and we shall take our birthright.’

Across the lands of Eald Cearo, the dwellers in the dark and the cold have sensed their chance is nigh: mortal men and women rely on false hopes and half-truths. No longer do they recognise the dance between free will and fate, and thereby does the night hope to overtake them.

Demon Forged is a collection of three linked novellas that follow men and women of Eald Cearo as they battle demons both within and without. Reluctant champions, they have critical parts to play in the eternal struggle between the World’s Sorrows and Nature’s order.

If you love dark fantasy novellas, you’ll love this collection. It is available here.


Sorrow's Ruin 18Sorrow’s Ruin

For I am Despair:

I am pulling your strings so come crawling faster.

Markus Yahne, Lord of Tabacon, has always believed in the ideals of truth and trust. Yet now the evil of desperate times threatens him.

A vampire knight torments him by taking away the love of his wife and offering him a choice which strikes at the very heart of who he is: give up everything that remains to him in order to get back all he has lost.

An unholy bargain with his vampyric host gives him hope and teaches him more than he expects about life and love, but also hate. His decisions lead him deeper into a snare where betrayal and revenge must blight his heart, and ultimately nudge the balance of power within the world of Eald Cearo.

For good or ill, Markus Yahne must change the course of Sorrow’s dominion. Time is short, and dread tells his story.

Will despair drive him to ruin or will love guide him through the horror of his choices?

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Sorrow’s Ruin is a novella in the Demon Forged series. It is available here.


Wyrdseer's Lament 18Wyrdseer’s Lament

For I am Fear:

You can’t see a thing as your life burns faster.

Inais Montia sets out to save the heathen clans from their graven idolatry, believing he is casting light about the dark. How could he fail with right and the truth of gods on his side?

In the remote heart of nature, he encounters spirits both seductive and perilous, and is drawn into a world of demons and a battle for survival. He learns the cost of his false beliefs and needs to find his own path if he is to save himself.

Now Inais must make choices which will change him for eternity.

Does the divine or the damned await?

Wyrdseer’s Lament is the second novella in the Demon Forged series. It is available here.


Furious Host 18Furious Host

For I am Anger:

I’m smashing your dreams, now obey your master.

Orlaith Ciardha has been searching for redemption ever since fleeing the crimes she committed in Sorrow’s name.

She is pulled into a desperate struggle for power as immortals rage against the natural world. Her choices will not only change her forever, but mean the difference between light and dark across the lands.

In this dramatic conclusion to the series, will her choice between penance and sacrifice set her free or condemn the lands to darker night?

Furious Host is the third novella in the Demon Forged series. It is available here.

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