Version 3I have always had an interest in the idea of fantasy worlds, where unlimited possibilities collide with human strengths and frailties; where anything can happen as much by the determination of those who live there, as by a spark of magic.

Having spent many years reading the works of masters such as Tolkien, Martin and Donaldson, and both exploring and creating fantasy sagas in play-by-mail gaming, I have held a long-term desire to share my own fantasy worlds with others and to make readers a part of their development.

When not reading, writing or enjoying photography, I am employed to help people reach their full potential in the real world – where stories of determination and courage are just as prevalent as in any fantasy landscape.

I am very interested in hearing your questions about Eald Cearo and your thoughts about fantasy fiction. If you would like to get involved or receive future posts by email, come say hello by commenting in posts, or by sending me a message below.

All the best,

Lee Donoghue



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