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Latest Post: The Blooding of Elias Reymes


Elias Reymes

‘Damnit Reymes! By all the gods, I should have you thrashed for this.’ The sergeant’s face was near purple as it pushed close to Elias’s. ‘You think yourself some exception? You think skill puts you beyond orders?’

Elias kept his mouth shut. Just keep it shut. Let the old man bawl. Yet he was finding it harder to keep the smile off his face.

‘Let me tell you this son, once and once only: the likes of you are two a copper.’

There was a gleam in Elias’s eyes as he replied. ‘I saved the stable girl. Me.’ He slapped his chest, near bursting with pride.

Sergeant Triesherc grabbed him by the collar and shoved him against the stable wall. ‘What you did was allow the wolf’s head Carter to flee. What you did was put the rest of the company at risk. Do you think they care for your heroics?’

Elias shrugged, trying to look contrite and failing. I killed my first outlaw today. And saved my first life. He left Triesherc’s spittle on his cheeks, at least. That much he could do.

‘Take your eyes down!’ The sergeant smashed Elias across the face with a mailed fist, sending the boy to the ground.

As quick as he was able, the young recruit struggled back to his feet, and faced the older man again. He forced himself to look Triesherc in the eye, and damn the consequences.

The sergeant was about the backhand him and then paused. ‘Gah!’ His hand clenched into a fist once more. ‘You have a fire in you, Reymes. No doubt. It is why you are here so early.’ He shook his head and turned away from the boy.

Elias ran his tongue over his bloody lip. I did it. On my first sortie. By the gods, it felt so natural to be out there. So right.

When Triesherc turned back to him, he seemed to notice the elation Elias was trying to keep hidden. ‘I should cut you loose. I want men who can follow orders. By Farsi, you are not a hero, boy.’

‘Why don’t you keep me on, and find out?’

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