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Latest Post: Profile – The Huoni Order

The Huoni Order

‘Our lore is pure, untainted by ambition. Yet even lore is changed by the knowing of it.’

The Huoni Order is one of numerous sects founded in the Khanate of Ramelas. Based in the northern province of Breschii, it has remained small and for the most part unnoticed by the warlords of the steppes.

The Masters of the Order have learned much from studying the world and its interactions with nature. They have followed the Spirit of Erthe, delving into the torrent of the World’s Pain to seek out its consciousness.

For generations they have believed they should not interfere in the world about them. Even observing Erthe changes it, and they have long intended their study to be as pure as possible, unsullied by ambition.

However, some among them have started to recognise an uncomfortable truth: they have also feared the responsibility that comes with action. They dread making the wrong choices and would not see their knowledge used to interrupt the natural flow of life.

It would devastate them if their actions caused harm in some way. And so, debate has raged among the Masters while the world about them has changed, and with it, the very Spirit of Erthe they study.

Some of their finest scholars have argued that inaction is a choice of its own, and oft causes more harm than shouldering the responsibility they shy from. Nothing is perfect; everything is perfect. That they must try their best and fail, but try nonetheless, is slowly being grasped among their ranks.

And yet, the insight comes too late for them.

The Masters are old and no longer have the strength of will they once had. Now they start to wonder, what was it all for?

Lore without purpose has no worth.

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