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Latest Post: Pitreol’s Message

Keep LomendePitreol Guardios, Earl Marshal of Venz, strode past the sparring yard. He held his back straight despite the aches he’d accumulated on his journey from Capio. The clack of wooden swords told him the training before him was for Amory’s newest recruits. Recruits – more captives at this stage. 

He spared them a glance and saw the fumbling efforts of boys and wastrels. Fighting was never pretty of course, but there was a desperate lack of skill wherever he looked. What a wretched bunch. I pity those who make it through.

Pitreol climbed the steps of the main tower at Keep Lomende. His breathing was ragged by the time he gained his study, but the view was why he chose such a high place. He often stared out over the frigid landscape when he was troubled. It was a land steeped in valiant acts, with a grand history – with the spirit of the Venzi people. Aye, and also with foolish choices and spent blood. 

The sounds of the sparring yard were distant here. Gazing out through that window, the earl marshal could almost forget they were at war. He sneered at the thought. Even the damn Iatri are poised to pick over our bones. Rapping his fist against the windowsill, he turned to sit at his desk.

His papers and accoutrements were as he had left them, months before. Pitreol picked up his quill, and hesitated. What choice is there? 

He wrote the note he’d worried about all the way from Capio. He sealed it with his mark and sat back. This can surely only be carried by a fool. Though an earnest fool no doubt.

He rang the desk bell and before its peal had ended, Elemy came in. ‘Yes, Your Grace?’

‘Get me Sir Seger Canalas.’

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