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Latest Post: Bound By Blood

Bound By Blood

‘And that is how it is, Hyden Rosik. Chains of blood bind us one to the other. As you taste of my life, so you are beholden to me. How else could it be?’

‘But I belong to no one. I fear you not, woman.’

‘You will understand soon enough. You name me woman yet I am no mortal. I am Graznya Lukrecja. I am Sorrow. You too are no longer mortal, and you know this. Know also that upon joining my House, you yield unto me.’ 

‘What have you done to me? You promised me seductions, not servitude!’ 

Is that what you want, my Hyden? You longed for my touch, yet you had another purpose when you sought me out. And now I have a purpose for you.’

‘I care naught for your wishes. My own plans are poised ready for my return; I will take my leave of you, woman.’     

‘The son of Meher is ever foolish. If I wanted to turn your existence to endless night, I could. Yet also could I show you pleasures beyond your reckoning. It is my choice alone; I sired you and will always retain sovereignty over your world.

‘I have plans for you. You do not yet realise the part you will play, but there is time enough. Much work lies ahead, and then I might grant you my favour, sweet Hyden.’

Sorrow’s Ruin is available here.


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