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Latest Post: Aodh and the Prophecy


The Prophecy

‘Aodh Ciardha, what do you see?’

‘I dream. Is it prophecy?’

‘Aye. What do you see?’

‘The time comes for the Three Who Stand. Cernunnos, another will join Orlaith and me. We shall triumph against the World’s Sorrows. Wyrd has laid the future bare. It draws nigh.’

‘My Ovate, there are many futures, all governed by Wyrd. It sets our path but the end of the road is ever unclear.’

‘Then what is the point of such dreams?’

‘Be careful, son of Drest: Wyrd is not fate. It is your will that gets you to your end. Or not. You launch your skiff to carry you across a river as surely as Wyrd directs your existence, but it is your efforts upon the waters that gets you to the other bank.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘Recognise only this: prophecy lies somewhere between Wyrd and your free will. Keep it in mind – like the current of the river – but remember it is not the only force.’

‘But the prophecy is clear to me. To send Orlaith now is madness. We must wait for the third.’

‘Be not too quick to draw meaning. Do not allow hope or dread to distort your perception.’

‘Then how? I am Ovate. It is for me to make meaning from chaos.’

‘Observe without judgement. And then you shall know when to put in your paddle and row.’

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