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Latest Post: The Nizarishin


‘I am a shadow in darkness, silence between shouts.

The simplicity of action, not tainted by thought or feeling.

I am my deeds, pure and as they are.

No more and no less.’

The Nizarishin are one of the most secretive organisations in the world of Eald Cearo. They are generally thought to be based at a wilderness camp by the Searus mountains in southern Euraise, although their reach is long and their actions whispered about thoughout the known world.

Some name them assassins, others as enforcers. They are also called the Hidden, for they lurk in the shadows and kill without warning or trace of identity. Few know of them directly and fewer still dare contact them.

It is said that if the Nizarishin have targeted you, then you are already dead. They brook no argument, consider no deal. They never leave a task unfinished. However, they do more than simply kill, taking an active interest in the political games of kings. Their services can be bought at times, while at others they follow their own agenda.

A grand master named Abdai Muras runs the autocratic organisation, and is considered near godlike by overawed initiates. The Nizarishin hold to a strict code, and zealously protect their Creed. They have elevated murder to an art form, pure and without emotion. Fanatical in their devotion to the cause, men and women of the Hidden will succeed in their purpose or die trying.

Family Creed is available here.


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