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Man Of Nature

The original inhabitants of the northern continent have long been pushed to the fringes of what has become known as the Civilised World. First came the Dainan and the Tabols, and the Iatri and Venzi soon followed. Only the Klevlish purport to have bloodlines shared with those living at the world’s edges, and even they shun those known to be of the wild clans.

Cut off from the new world and from the new gods, those in the clans to both the east and west of the world share a common bond. Their beliefs, primal and unchanged for over a thousand years, are more important to them than life.

First among these beliefs is that they are innately connected with the earth, and with their gods; all things are connected by Wyrd. For the clans folk, gods walk among them and are a part of nature as a whole, just as they themselves are. 

Clans folk are born into a life of noticing; there is a touch of magic wherever they are careful enough to really see. Open eyes are considered the greatest gift bestowed by their shamans.

They hold their gods and their fellows to a strict morality. Survival in the wilds is tough, and paid for with sacrifice for the good of the clan. Pleasures are simple, but their joys are deep and abiding. So too their respects for, and fears of, the spirits which walked the earth long before they were born.

The wild clans carry an ancient, intimate knowledge of the Sorrows which stalk the living from the fringes of reality. They are bound to them, as they are to all things; they are but a part of the dance between law and chaos. Wyrd holds all in balance and they do their utmost to follow its path as they ever have.

The peoples of the clans keep to themselves and resist changes as the world moves on. Yet it does move on, at a pace. Civilisation comes to visit at ever decreasing intervals, and the more it does, the harsher the judgement from those living at the world’s edges. Still, their warnings are ever fated to go unheeded:

Beware the rise of Eald Cearo.

Wyrdseer’s Lament is available here.


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