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Latest Post: The Final Conclave

The Final Conclave

‘So this is the end, Vasaed?’

‘Nothing stays the same, Ankit. It is the irony of our order is it not? Such careful observation, tainting Erthe as little as our skill allows, while all around the world changes. Unyielding to warlords, we were ever at risk of breaking in the wind.’

‘Urdal is far from the darga’s seat. He could not…’ 

‘He has the Taeloshi by his feet. The Brotherhood is everywhere.’

‘Aye, you are right of course… I haven’t wanted to extinguish my hope, but you are right. Behind their smiles, they are not our allies. Never have been.’

‘When saplings are planted too close to each other, the quickest growing cuts off the light to the other and it withers. We could expect nothing else from the Brotherhood.’ 

‘Seeing their path… it’s not ours. It’s better that our order dies than our lore be used for ill. We are too old to change.’

‘Eald Cearo rises. Is it not time that our lore benefit humankind? The Sorrows will surely bend Erthe to their gain however they can.’

‘And that we must not do. To become as they-’

‘Forgive me, I don’t mean to suggest as much, but the Spirit of Erthe can help guide the living through the tragedies ahead. It can’t remain unsullied, for we can’t avoid what Sorrow will do unrestrained.’

‘What was it all for, Vasaed? We have sat on the sidelines too long and now the hour is too late.’

‘That we have, Ankit, but it is not too late. Even inaction is a choice, one which hastens the end for all. Lore without purpose has no worth, as we have all come to believe, I think. For it to die with us is surely a wrong in the world greater than the risk we might otherwise take.’

‘We can’t take the risk, not now. You must see that?’

‘There is one among us who might find a way.’

‘The girl? Ama isn’t ready.’

‘When have any of us been ready? Ama has a true heart, I’m sure of that. In any case, time has robbed us of other roads. Either our lore dies with us or we risk it against those that come.’

‘You must go with her, Vasead.’

‘No. With me at her side, she won’t learn quickly enough. She must flail and struggle and come to her reckoning alone . Only in her strife will her truth be revealed.’

‘How much time do we have?’

‘I will speak with her tomorrow. Our span is now measured in days.’

‘So be it. May Erthe forgive us.’

Anthologia is available here.

© 2020 Lee Donoghue


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