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Latest Post: Man Of Nature


Man Of Nature‘You have been expected, Aodh Ciardha. Take your place at our table.’

‘I know you. You are Cernunnos… yet you are also not. Do I dream?’

‘What is dreaming? What is reality? You are in the Otherworld now, Ovate. Such terms are meaningless here.’

‘Are you a god?’

‘All are gods here, Ovate. Everything is connected.’

‘Why do you name me Ovate? I have not earned such a title, I am too young.’

‘Time, like dreaming, is a concept which holds little sway here. Know this: you are, was, or will be Ovate of Clan Coinin. Take this torc of silver.’


‘To give it purpose. It is the torc of an Ovate. It represents the truth and holds it free. You also must share this purpose. Your life on earth contains much work to keep the old ways alive.’

‘I will take my charge to heart.’

‘The gods also must be in your heart, for we exist only through faith. You too, live only by such means, for you are one of us. Men of the new world will come to our holy lands, seeking to subjugate paradise. The truth of your heart must turn their self-righteous birse aside, for the World’s Sorrows will otherwise consume all. Eald Cearo shall rise.’ 

Wyrdseer’s Lament is available here.


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