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Orlaith Ciardha stood firm, though the ground beneath her shifted and squirmed as if alive. The words of Cernunnos still rang in her ears and emboldened her when all else had fallen away. You cannot fail, whatever the outcome, for it is Wyrd’s path for you.

The song of the spirits no longer accompanied her. Perhaps they were muted by the demon’s last struggles, yet their light still shone. The power of their will still beat down upon Dearg Due.

Orlaith was numb to this now, and only her own convictions and those words of her god kept her to her path. She spoke, her voice a quiet thing in the maelstrom around her, and yet all heard it. ‘You shall not prevail. And you shall not flee.’

In contrast, Dearg Due’s snarled reply was taken by the wind and the writhing forces swirling about the hill, as if not fit for Orlaith’s ears. The demon’s eyes were half shut against the light, yet the hatred and fear there were unmistakeable. 

Now there was nothing on earth or the wide expanse of life beyond it, save Orlaith and Dearg Due, one of the World’s Sorrows made flesh. 

The daughter of Aodh Ciardha nearly lost herself then, locked in a battle with Sorrow that could only end in sacrifice. The eyes of Dearg Due still stared their hatred, even as its earthly form was stripped away.

‘You shall not flee,’ she repeated as Sorrow became ephemeral before her. ‘I shall conquer you fully, and never again will we suffer fear of you.’ Yet at her words, the light by which she could see began to fade, and with it, her conviction.

Before she lost the will and the strength, she pulled the essence of Dearg Due within her. You shall be my burden to carry, and I do so willingly, for the clan, and for Cernunnos. 

Dearg Due lurked just below her surface, a taunting, gleeful presence that Orlaith struggled to contain. The spirits had fled from her, and in the dark she was alone with Sorrow.

Yet I shall endure. Eald Cearo shall not rise!

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