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The westernmost estates of Tabacon have always been dogged by rumours of evil, of malign entities just out of sight. The tales retold by those who have never visited are often of wickedness and pestilence beyond comprehension, of monsters linked to the sordid practices of the wild clans at civilisation’s limits.

Yes, monsters they are called, and yet they are also regarded as so much more. Like all the most fearful of monsters, they are said to terrify and beguile in equal measure, drawing you to ruin. They are swift and strong and surely cannot be defeated by human courage, or skill, or heart. Not this time, for they are beyond nature.

Unlike monsters known, they are not diminished when regarded with the light of reason. The raconteurs suggest this evil stays at the edge of perception not out of caution, but because humankind dares not draw them out.

They are known to the heart before the thinking mind. They creep, creep, creep upon you and then you are no more. 

Or so the rumours go. 

Baleful spirits conjured by the clans of crazies, or predators that feed upon them – none can say. Yet those who live in Tabacon all recognise that at rumour’s heart is more than fanciful tales; the stories are real.

There are a very few who know these monsters better. They know them not at spirits, for these beings have no spirit, no soul. These few recognise them as servants of the Otherworld, here to make our world theirs.

And they call them vampyr. 

Demon Forged is available here.


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